Welcome to the website for my photos.  I am a part-time photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

My passion and intention are to capture the feelings in genuine moments.  I love photographing community music, dance and culture scenes.

I dedicate a section of this website for the paintings of my late mother, Reiko Kubota (1930-1999), who pursued the art form through raising her children and later years.

  • A Woman with Facial Tatoo, 2009
  • Upanayanam, (Sacred Thread Ceremony for Brahmins), 2016
  • Renaissance Festival, 2012
  • A Hill of Sunflower #1
  • Wold Championship Hoop Dance Contest, Phoenix, 2013
  • Renaissance Festival, 2013
  • Dr. Who in Police Telephone Booth, Phoenix Comicon, 2011
  • Unexpected Vacation in The Moldives
  • Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Navajo Reservation, 2012
  • The Last Dance in an Empty Restaurant, 2017
  • A Dancer at African Festival, 2008
  • Phoenix Greek Festival 2021